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NEMAC GIS screenshot of floodplain data for Buncombe County, NC
Celebrating 55 years of GIS-based EHS data insights

GIS is one of the most effective ways to convey information to a wide range of users, from corporate managers looking at the company’s key metrics to operational personnel looking for incidents across facilities and trying to find trends. It is a highly intuitive data query interface that empowers users to explore the data hidden deep in enterprise EHS databases. In this article, we look at the history of GIS and where it is today, as well as some its most powerful applications that can benefit savvy EHS professionals.

GIS Day 2017
Celebrating 55 years of improving spatial thinking with GIS technology

Not only is GIS more powerful than ever before—it is also vastly more accessible. Anyone with Internet access can create custom maps based on publicly available data, from real-time traffic conditions to environmental risk factors, to local shark sightings. Software developers, even those at small companies or startups, now have access to APIs for integrating advanced GIS tools and functionality into their programs.