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Streamline your workload by collecting, tracking, and managing information in a single mobile-enabled platform.

Locus Facilities and Real Estate Management is a comprehensive cloud software designed to manage a broad enterprise portfolio of real estate property, facilities, assets, and much more—centralizing important company information and increasing efficiency of customer operations.

  • Increase productivity and reduce operational costs
  • Improve preventive maintenance
  • No-code application and no version numbers
  • Mobile-enabled
  • Configured to meet your needs with custom dashboards
  • Integrated document management with LocusDocs

Key features for powerful Facilities Management

Track and manage assets and inventory, including maintenance requests, from a visual interface

Create and manage facility service catalogs

Schedule and manage tasks and EHS compliance metrics from start to finish

Streamline the request processes and configure email notifications

Integrate with other software and services with SSO through built-in integration tools

Easily configure and automate facility maintenance workflows

Highly configurable platform, making it easy to tailor the system to your unique needs

Utilize granular control of policies, authorizations, and user roles.

Organizations using Locus EHS&S Software

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