Is your software ready for big data?

Automation and IoT for digital transformation.

Continuous measuring and monitoring devices are a key part of the digital transformation for many industries. What’s the best way to manage this vast amount of data? How can you take millions of continuous readings, and turn that data into relevant, actionable, reportable information? Integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT)—and take full control of your big data.

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Locus IoT / Automation Solutions
Internet of Things (IoT)

Take advantage of Locus’ configurability for the perfect IoT platform.

Design your own workflows to match your business.

Add or remove data fields to track the specific information important to you.

Robust permission model to segregate functional responsibilities tailored to each facility’s needs.

Automate dashboards, reporting, and notifications.

Connect to internal or external data sources with built in integration tools.

Screenshot of Locus Platform environmental automation dashboard

Get control of your big data—and turn it into actionable insight.

Connect a wide range of IoT infrastructure to capture readings on battery life, water levels, or other key measurements.

Use intuitive, simple tools to highlight significant events from streaming data and trigger actions in real-time.

Engage with stakeholders proactively—Use data and insights to take smarter, more targeted actions. 

Start with existing devices and expand as your digital transformation evolves.

Create customized management schemes tailored to each division’s compliance needs.

Get the right notifications, targeted dashboards, and customized workflows to support your compliance requirements.

Get ready for the next evolution in predictive analysis using artificial intelligence powered by big data.

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