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ESG & Sustainability Software
ESG & Sustainability Reporting Software

Manage emerging ESG reporting requirements with robust sustainability software for tracking, reviewing, and reporting on greenhouse gas or sustainability metrics across your entire facility or enterprise.

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EHS Compliance Software
Locus EHS Compliance Software

Automate your compliance, waste, air, health & safety, and other environmental reporting activities at facility, division, and enterprise level with a cloud-based EHS software solution that will scale alongside your evolving needs.

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Environmental Software
Locus EIM | Environmental Information Management Software

Gain control and insights into your water, air, soil, biological, or any environmental data. Automate analytical laboratory and field data collection. A complete environmental software solution.

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Water Quality Software
Locus Water Quality Management Software

Whether you’re testing for taste, odor, corrosion, customer complaints, or other water quality issues—our versatile software saves you valuable time and resources on scheduled data collection, tracking, and reporting.

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Trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations.

Water quality management software: The world’s first and most comprehensive SaaS for water.

Take control of your drinking water, wastewater, or any water system with a complete water quality management software solution.

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Our software makes it easier for organizations to achieve ESG and Sustainability goals by ensuring cleaner, consolidated, and constantly accessible data.

We simplify environmental compliance.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, Locus has been creating innovative EHS & ESG software for organizations of all sizes for 25 years. Locus is the popular choice for many organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies and everyone in between. Locus software solutions streamline environmental compliance, ESG & sustainability goals, reporting, and a range of other management challenges.

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Locus EHS software for compliance & sustainability
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