Streamline field data collection and validation with Locus Mobile

Work offline from anywhere

Locus Mobile is your single solution for collecting field data, completing EHS audits, tracking waste containers, and much more. 

Easily configure business-specific data collection needs, enter data offline and synchronize data back to the cloud for final review. 

Highly functional and works with all types of field programs from recurring EHS facility inspections to complex environmental site remediation sampling events and everything in-between. 

Locus mobile environmental field data collection app for iOS
Screenshot of Locus Mobile on iPad Air with adhoc location features

Accelerate your environmental data’s journey from the field to the cloud.

Get started quickly

Instantly start using pre-configured, reusable planned sampling templates and monitoring protocols— or modify them to fit your specific needs.

Scale it up

Easily configure and plan as many (or as few) sampling events and monitoring protocols as you need.

Built to adapt

Ad hoc sampling ensures the platform adapts to your existing sampling workflow— not the other way around.

Integrate with existing processes

Decide exactly what gets sampled and when, by setting up input forms through the desktop interface and instantly syncing them to the mobile app.

Get all the information you need

Collect and record any data types or fields required for your sampling operations— including groundwater, field measurements, waste containers, air samples, and surface water. Mobile photos are also supported.

Barcode/QR code enabled

Locus mobile just got even more essential, adding barcodes and adding the ability to scan unknown barcodes or QR codes and creating new ad-hoc locations on the fly. Great for tracking drums in our waste app, tracking customer complaints in our water app, and tracking just about anything out in the field.

Streamline routine sampling

Set up hierarchical provision files to track what’s already been collected for weekly or monthly sampling requirements.

Save time and resources with flexible, on-the-go mobile field data collection.

Get access from anywhere

Works offline and uploads on-demand to accommodate remote or security-restricted field operations.

Reduce overall costs

Consolidate sampling efforts and prevent multiple data collection and upload steps, ensuring optimal data quality from the point of collection.

No more manual data entry

Eliminate the chance of human error, and prevent duplicate data inputs and inaccurate data.

Pinpoint sampling locations

GPS mapping capabilities let you view sample locations in a list or on a map while you’re out in the field, and record coordinates for your relative and actual location.

Go beyond sampling

Easily record field information for incidents, such as spills or safety-related accidents.

Screenshot of Locus Mobile list view of field measurements

Empower your sampling team to deliver better data, faster.

Keep better records

Automatically maintain a full audit trail of locations, sampling equipment, and time stamps.

Improve data quality

Real-time validation and QA/QC in the field saves time on cleaning up duplicate or inaccurate data.

Catch errors at the source

Define ranges and other validation parameters, so if samplers enter an out-of-range value, they’ll get appropriate prompts and warnings (e.g. “pH must be between 6.0 and 8.5”)

Stay secure

Get the same security as the cloud software platform— no additional login credentials needed.

Locus Mobile
Download Locus Mobile for iOS on iTunes

Please note that Locus Mobile works only on devices running iOS 9 or higher, and in conjunction with Locus’ SaaS-based environmental information management software systems.

You must already have an account with Locus so that your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device can connect to the Locus Mobile server within the software, which is necessary for the app to work. 

If you would like more information about Locus Mobile before downloading, please contact us.

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