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For organizations that calculate and report greenhouse gas emissions or other ESG metrics, Locus provides a range of solutions that come equipped with a robust calculator engine. Here is a sample of the tools you’ll have with Locus.

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How to Use the GHG Calculator

You can use the rough calculator above to determine if your facility may be subject to the reporting rules. Select all fuels that you use for stationary combustion (such as boilers, heaters, flares, ICE, turbines, etc.) and list your fuel usage during calendar year in question.

Remember that most reporting programs include exemptions for the following sources:

  • Portable equipment
  • Backup or emergency generators
  • Fire suppression systems and equipment
  • Irrigation agricultural pumps

For each of your fuels used in stationary combustion, use the following steps:

  • Select fuel
  • Enter annual throughput (fuel use) in specified units (if MMBtu available instead of mass/volume of fuel, select units in “kg CO2 /MMBtu” before entering throughput value)
  • Click on Calculate
  • Click on Add to Total
  • Repeat steps 1-4 for every fuel used

If you have trouble selecting fuel type or seeing emission factor, try refreshing the page.

Learn how Locus software can streamline your GHG reporting. Locus also offers comprehensive GHG verification services under the Mandatory Reporting Rule and Low Carbon Fuel Standard programs.

If you have questions regarding your reporting requirements or would like to request a demo, please fill out the form below and one of our GHG experts will be in touch.


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