Health & Safety / Incident Management Software

Track, report, investigate, and prevent EHS incidents with ease.

We give you a configured solution that meets your organization’s needs. Most cloud software limits your configuration, but Locus gives you a full range of capabilities to measure, manage, investigate, track, and report on incidents. And unlike canned software, Locus Health & Safety/ Incident software allows you to tailor your unique workflows for each incident type.

  • Select the root cause analysis that best fits your needs (5 Whys, Fishbone, Fault tree, etc.)
  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Configurable workflows to ensure the proper steps are taken
  • Secure and powerful, backed by AWS
  • Track any kind of incident per your business requirements (spills, bird strikes, etc.)
  • Locus software is developed by professionals with real-world experience managing incidents.
EHS compliance software to generate OSHA incident reporting with one click

Key features for better Incident Management

Configurable smart notifications and follow-up assignments when accidents, near misses, or other incidents are logged

Complete incident details with integrated mobile field forms and documents

Generate regulatory compliance reports including OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 forms

Perform root-cause analyses and document corrective actions with built-in tools and dashboards

Identify performance issues, safety trends, and other key compliance metrics with fully-configurable EHS dashboards and reports

Track lost work days, occupational injuries, and first aid cases across business divisions with configurable dashboards

Organizations using Locus for EHS Compliance

EHS Compliance

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