GHG Verification

Trust… but verify.

As the only software vendor that is an approved GHG verifier under the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Locus’ certifications and experience (along with our expertise in developing GHG software) demonstrates our deep domain knowledge and commitment to keeping on top of this ever-changing space.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers meet their GHG reporting requirements. Locus is able to verify in California, Oregon, & Washington States. Verifiers are ready to help with accredited staff in all industries! Contact our team of GHG professionals today to find out how Locus can help make your reporting process easier.

Locus has been approved to begin Washington Greenhouse Gas Verification services in 2024.

Companies who use our GHG verification service

GHG Verification

Why select Locus for GHG verification?

  • Experienced verifiers who understand domain, regulatory, and software issues
  • Stellar record with regulators— none of our verifications have ever been overturned
  • Wide range of industries since program inception
  • On staff are domain experts— we never outsource this important work!

Primary and third party verifiers

California EPA Air Resources Board logoOur certified verification team can also be called upon as a third party to validate greenhouse gas emission reports. In the State of California, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandates that emissions reports submitted in 2010 and later be verified by a third party that has been accredited by CARB.

Locus is one of few companies to maintain this accreditation, and has in-house Lead Verifiers certified in all sector specialties:

  • Process emissions (cement, glass, lime, pulp and paper, iron and steel)
  • Oil & gas systems (refineries, hydrogen plants, production and processing systems)
  • Fuel and electricity transactions

Other national and international GHG reporting programs have similar verification requirements, and we are constantly updating and attaining additional accreditations for GHG verification and reporting. Contact us to get started

Our experienced team can handle all your mandatory or voluntary GHG reporting needs.

  • Direct and indirect GHG emissions tracking and reporting for all emission sources, including refineries and cement plants
  • Accounting and reporting for all greenhouse gases
  • Comparative evaluation of options for minimizing emissions
  • Report emissions by financial, geographic, and operational control
  • U.S. EPA Mandatory Reporting and U.S. 1605b Reporting
  • California AB32
  • Electrical power transaction reporting
  • Fugitive emissions tracking
  • Emissions source categories and estimation
  • Data transactions for cap and trade programs
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), The Climate Registry (TCR), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Western Climate Initiative (WCI), and Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord (MGGRA)
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