Technical Support & Training

Customer success is our #1 priority.

Locus offers U.S.-based technical support for all of our products, through both phone and email, during business hours in most primary time zones. Our support team members are domain experts on our products, so you can always expect a fast, knowledgeable resolution to your issues.

Our modern support ticket tracking system ensures each issue is logged, reviewed, and resolved quickly, while keeping the user informed throughout the process.

Customer Support
(415) 475-7707

Locus Technical Support & Training
Training facilities

Locus typically trains customers at their facilities or at selected vendor locations. This lowers your training costs and lets us work with you using your organization’s own equipment. We also provide web-based training using commercially available vendors (e.g. WebEx) that provide live meeting places online, so both trainers and students see the same materials and benefit from small group interactions.

Remote training

Locus provides remote computer-based training (CBT) for our key products. As most enterprise customers know, training can be a significant portion of any software budget. With our implementations, users can take effective training on their own time at their office location, reducing costs and improving training retention for your organization’s users.

Expertise behind the software

When choosing Locus, you can be confident that your EHS software is built and supported by the experts. Our team holds degrees and certifications in environmental engineering, mathematics, computer science, and beyond. We understand the challenges of EHS compliance and build our solutions with those in mind. View full infographic.

Locus Expertise Infographic
Free training webinars

Our #1 priority is to make sure you have success with our products. That’s why we hold regularly scheduled online training sessions at no extra cost. These training sessions are designed to support your organization’s goals by helping you take full advantage of our software capabilities. These webinars are meant to:

  • Demonstrate new functionality
  • Train new users
  • Share ideas and needs
  • Standardize processes and tools

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