Applications by Industry

Large and small, public or private— Locus cloud EHS software solutions are proven to deliver results for organizations of any size, sector, or industry.

From the smallest public water utility to the largest chemical manufacturer, the changing regulatory landscape is making environmental compliance an increasingly complex challenge for companies and organizations in almost every industry.

Whether you own contaminated property, deal with handling and disposing of chemicals, manage general health and safety reporting, or track your carbon footprint— it can be time-consuming and resource-intensive to make sure you’re efficiently complying with all local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

Since 1997, organizations in a diverse range of industries have used Locus’ cloud EHS software solutions to simplify the complexity of environmental and compliance data management:

Customers across the agriculture and food & beverage industry use Locus cloud software to consolidate their environmental and EHS data and ensure compliance— including grocery manufacturing and distribution, agricultural chemical manufacturing, and farming and distribution of livestock, crops and seafood.

Discover an easier and faster way to collect, track, manage, and report all the data required by regulations, even across multiple locations and for local, state, and federal regulatory programs.

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Companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries can have some of the most challenging environmental reporting requirements, especially if your company is dealing with cleanup from former sites, operational and structural changes, or complex permit regulations.

Find out how some of the top 50 chemical companies have used Locus software solutions to organize and automate their environmental and EHS information.

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From cleaning up from years of leaking underground tanks, to tracking permits for co-generation facilities, to managing drinking water quality on offshore platforms— the energy, oil & gas industries need a flexible, robust solution for collecting and reporting environmental data.

Reduce operational risk, streamline the transformation of data into information, and build a stronger compliance program with Locus cloud software.

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Our cloud software has the power and flexibility to manage environmental and EHS data for a wide range of governmental organizations— from the smallest municipal water utility to the national nuclear research facilities.  We’ve worked closely with Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), and EPA facilities, as well as state and local government agencies (including public utilities).

Find out why our government customers trust Locus’ secure, centralized, comprehensive cloud software to save time and resources on environmental data management.

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From single-site operations to networks of multinational facilities, the mining industry’s environmental compliance activities can generate vast amounts of data that quickly become too complex for spreadsheets.

We can provide flexible, scalable environmental data management in the cloud that’s designed to grow along with your operations.

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Nuclear reactor and research sites have unique environmental data reporting requirements, including Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications (RETS), Radiological Environmental Monitoring Programs (REMP), and the Annual Radiological Environmental Operating Report (AREOR).

Join over 40% of U.S. commercial nuclear reactor sites and six DOE research labs who are already using Locus’ cloud software to collect, monitor, analyze, and report their environmental and EHS compliance data.

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Even the fast-paced technology industry has to make time for collecting, analyzing, and reporting compliance-required data for facilities with any environmental impact.  By consolidating and automating your workflow in the cloud, you can get to the actionable information faster.

Discover an environmental data management software solution that values innovation and forward-thinking ideas as much as your own company does.

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Railroads, school buses, container ships, marine ports, airlines— the diverse range of transportation industry organizations might seem very different when it comes to day-to-day operational logistics.  But we also know they have similar needs to track and report environmental and EHS data in order to maintain compliance, reduce risk, and avoid costly fines.

Take control of your company’s environmental activities (from field data collection to compliance reporting) with a centralized, cloud-based environmental software solution.

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For public or private water utilities, the amount and complexity of water sampling and analysis data can be overwhelming.  Simplify your routine monitoring and reporting activities with our cloud software solutions for all your environmental and compliance-related data.

At Locus, we know water.  And we know how to help you save time and resources on water data management, and turn your data into actionable insight.

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