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Take control of your facility’s hazardous and non-hazardous waste with the Locus Waste Management application.

The Locus Waste Management & Tracking application allows you to manage waste containers and shipments throughout your enterprise, supporting all reporting requirements including the e-manifest.
Locus is ready for e-Manifest
Locus is ready for e-Manifest

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EHS compliance software screenshot of Waste management dashboard with EPA report output

Key features for easy Waste Tracking & Management

Track, search, sort, and report on waste activities across multiple facilities 


rack shipment and create manifests configured for easy e-Manifest submittals

Simplify reporting with built-in, preconfigured regulatory reporting formats including RCRA Biennial & SARA 313/TRI reporting (with export files)

Transform field data collection with full mobile integration (Barcode, QR Code, and RFID compatible)

Set up personalized dashboards to quickly track key indicators for waste management, including container status, waste type generation, accumulation times, and disposal methods

Manage chemical & waste inventory with configurable automated request and approval workflows

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Waste Management

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