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Take control of EHS Compliance. With Locus, everything is easily managed and reported.

Set up dashboards to manage obligations, requirements, and tasks

Track and complete recurring inspections with an easy singular setup

Integrate with Outlook for easy task tracking

Track events such as notice of violations (NOV) and automate corrective actions

Monitor, schedule, and escalate important tasks from dashboards and views

Integrate with third-party regulatory vendors

EHS Compliance & Task Management from Locus

A Streamlined Inspections Solution

Generate dynamic inspection forms tailored for user groups and regulatory programs

Track individual inspection items and responsible contractors

Empower users to manage/edit/create new inspections as needed

Utilize dashboards to track corrective actions and inspection results by facility/division/person

Create inspection schedules, generate reminders, and track corrective actions

Quickly access data that is important to users with configurable navigational tools

Organizations using Locus for EHS Compliance

EHS Compliance

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