Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Management Software

Sustainability software screenshot of GHG Emissions dashboard on Locus Platform

Scalable Greenhouse Gas Emission Management software built for multiple reporting programs.

Our Greenhouse Gas application makes it easy to manage emission inventory and permit compliance programs such as GHGRP and LCFS, and it’s fully integrated with compliance tracking, asset tracking, and automation modules, including remote sensing.

  • Powerful reporting tools
  • Integrate with regulatory providers (such as RegScan) for
    the latest regulatory updates
  • Configurable workflows
  • Powerful visual calculation engine
  • Secure and convenient access through Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Intelligent data validation

Key features for powerful GHG Emissions Management

Get started quickly with standard, built-in emissions data calculations, or easily configure to meet your organization’s requirements (with full eGRID support). Test our GHG Calculation Tool here. 

Easily link multiple data sources to the cloud platform for validation and export.

Save time and resources by inputting data only once, and reporting in parallel for multiple federal, state, and voluntary reporting programs including scope 1, 2, and 3.

Use customized dashboards to quickly compare the latest emission results and operational data values, including benchmarking.

Utilize our in-house expertise and direct experience with calculation methods for US EPA, California ARB, GRI, CDP, and TCR.

Track status with built-in, automatic alerts for potential non-conformance—and trigger custom workflows to follow up on corrective actions and track them to completion.

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