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Keep up with evolving PFAS requirements

The EPA added two PFAS chemicals as Hazardous Substances. Learn how Locus software is keeping up with PFAS chemical tracking and reporting.

Optimize your waste management practices

Learn how Locus provides advanced data management, operational optimization, and regulatory compliance tools to achieve greater efficiency.

Clean Ports & Data Tracking

The US EPA’s Clean Ports Program offers support for emissions reduction initiatives as port-related environmental challenges increase.

Go Beyond Line Charts

At Locus Technologies, we are committed to providing cutting-edge visualization tools to enhance your data analysis experience.

EIM Simplifies Complexity

Despite managing regulatory nuances and diverse data sources, our software streamlines processes without sacrificing efficiency.

Automatically generate your soil lithology and well logs

Learn about the annual and periodic materiality assessment where system users rank based on their impact and relevance to the organization.

Visualize your Environmental Data with Dynamic Charting

Environmental Software that fits your organization

Preparing for your LCFS verification

When looking for a GHG reporting program, there is one element that is typically overlooked. This short video gives us more insight.

Happy GIS Day! Environmental Data Viewed in a Whole New Way