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Quality Water — A new look at the tap

As an environmental software and services company, we work closely with companies that need to follow Federal, State and Local compliance mandates to ensure the status quo of the environment.  One market segment that always amazes me is drinking water. Every single day, public water systems test your tap water.

Everyday single day, water is collected, tested, analyzed and reported to internal public water teams, and less frequently, external agencies.   Today we announced that San Jose Water Company, that serves more than one million people in the Silicon Valley region, has selected Locus for our environmental software and mobile app solution, EIM and Locus Mobile.  The deployed systems consolidates and manages San Jose Water’s field data collection; water compliance and water quality data; and all its environmental compliance and environmental data.  SJWC will also use the Locus EIM to manage its environmental permits for all its sites and facilities.

Want to learn more about water?  Check out these resources:

​View the 6-minute TedTalk “It’s time to put water first” by Heather Himmelberger from the University of New Mexico, Director of the Southwest Environmental Finance Center at the University of New Mexico.

For more information, please visit www.drinktap.org.


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