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How to Recognize Cloud Providers and Applications that Deliver Real Value for Environmental and Compliance Information Management

Environmental, sustainability, compliance, CIOs, CTOs, and other business technology managers can free up valuable resources for strategic activities by deploying cloud applications that are less costly and complex, yet more intelligent and user-friendly, than on-premises applications. Tech managers can miss this opportunity, however, if CIOs are unable to differentiate real cloud providers and applications from imposters. In the enterprise software industry’s rush to fulfill rising demand, some providers may skip requirements that are critical to delivering the true benefits of cloud applications.

Industry pioneers for cloud applications (also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS)) know shortcuts do not exist. Applications, architectures, and processes must be built from the ground up to produce superior, leading-edge alternatives to the traditional on-premises software and maintenance model.

In next several months I will post 10 critical requirements for Cloud Applications that are relevant for our big data-driven industry focusing on importance of multi-tenancy. I hope that these 10 critical requirements of cloud computing will help organizations planning to replace legacy systems distinguish the difference between real and fake cloud applications. If cloud applications and their providers do not meet these requirements, it is unlikely they can deliver the full benefits of today’s SaaS.

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