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Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No 7: Predictable Total Cost of Ownership Model

There should be no surprise costs with cloud applications. Implementation costs should be predictable, and subscription-based pricing should be transparent with no hidden fees. Cloud applications should not require upfront investments in hardware and software license fees.
Real SaaS is a lot more than just hosting and data storing. Where multi-tenancy, a single version of the software and vendor-managed updates all come together and really payoff is having more predictability around your total cost of ownership. There should be no more highly unpredictable projects, with the most common among those being software upgrades.
One thing that can kill a VP of EHS reputation is surprises, particularly surprises with lots of dollar signs. With a valid cloud application to manage environmental and sustainability information and compliance, EH&S manager can determine exactly what it is going to cost over the next five years.

Such predictability lends transparency to the environmental compliance and sustainability budget process and means you will not have to fight budget battles for unexpected costs.

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