Locus SaaS Deployment

Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No 6: A High-Performance, Sustainable IT Infrastructure

The cloud application provider should maintain a high-performance IT infrastructure, which includes the data centers and databases, operating systems, networks, security, and storage systems used to run cloud applications and manage customer data. It should have stellar IT operations, security, maintenance, and performance tuning processes.

Livelihood of SaaS companies depends on their ability to securely and effectively manage their operations, and that means keeping pace with the most current technologies. They should also publish live their uptime monitored by the third party.

Cloud applications are also environmentally sustainable due to the multi-tenant infrastructure in which they are delivered. Multi-tenant SaaS reduces electricity consumption, paper waste, and lowers CO2 emissions. A hundred customers, using 100 different systems, is less efficient and more impactful on the environment than those customers all sharing the same data center.

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