Top Enhancements to Locus EHS Compliance Software in 2019

Posted by Locus Product Team

Let’s take a look back on the most exciting new features and changes made in Locus Platform during 2019!

New Task Types

Two additional types of task periodicity have been added: Triggered tasks, which allow the automatic creation of a Task based on the creation of a triggering event (e.g., a spill or storm event), and Sequenced tasks, which allow the creation of a series of tasks in a designated order. Learn more about our compliance and task management here.

Mobile Form Builder

Users can now create a mobile version of any data input form. Every form in the desktop platform can be mobile-enabled, so you can introduce new ways of streamlining data collection to your team.

Process Flow

‘Process Flows’ have been added, which guide users in completing processes following a simple step-by-step interface.

Expanded Facilities Management App

Our expanded Facilities Management App is designed to map at the enterprise level showing all locations, navigate your facilities hierarchy to review information and quickly take action at every level. Locus Facilities is a comprehensive facility management application that aims to increase the efficiency of customer operations and centralize important company information.

User Configurable Dashboards

Users can choose from existing portlets (found on the dashboard pages) to customize their landing page to their unique needs. Create custom dashboards to highlight exactly the information you want in any format (charts, maps, tables, tree maps, diagrams, and more).

Edit via Email

Add notes to any record by sending an email directly into the system. Allows anyone to add or append to a record in the system simply through email.


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