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Using the New 4K Display Technology Could Be a Disruptive Catalyst for New Environmental-based Solutions

The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unleashed a plethora of new products to improve the daily lives of consumers. One product that caught my environmental eye was the Hewlett-Packard HP Zvr. ZDNet describes the new hologram-based screen as a step toward “true holographic viewing”.
The reporter, Larry Dignan, goes on to say “a test drive of the display was notable, because it allowed you to manipulate content, dissect frogs, inspect the inner workings of the heart and play with architecture options.” I have personally not seen the display, but the idea of inspecting the inner workings of the heart got me dreaming of environmental-based solutions. Could 3D (in this case, 4K screen technology) be used to view underground contamination of water aquifers?   Imagine using 4K imagery, coupled with analytical data of water chemistry in our EIM system, add smartphone-delivered real-time field data plus smart apps and you have a complete and unique turnkey environmental package. Compliant heavy industries initially would benefit most, as they could finally collect previous unattainable data as well as display an accurate picture of contaminants and their impact on environment. Is a fully-integrated visual environmental 4K real time application in the future? One observation is certain, the rate of technology innovation, and more importantly, the rate of adoption, over the past 10 years surpasses even the wildest imagination.

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