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Locus announces addition of web reporting tools to LocusFocus

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., and Dulles, Virginia, 20 September 2004 — Locus Technologies (Locus), a leader in environmental information management, announced today that it has added Cizer Software’s reporting tools to LocusFocus, its award-winning suite of web-based information management systems for the environmental industry.

“Cizer’s Report Builder and Quick Query products will enable users of LocusFocus and EIM to design their own reports and/or run existing reports over the web without having to install or download any software onto their local computers. Both products include an extensive set of formatting and querying options, giving users the utmost in flexibility with respect to the content and organization of their reports. The combination of these tools, together with LocusFocus’s other download and data visualization options, will provide environmental professionals with all the querying and reporting power they need to perform their work in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, Locus’s corporate customers stand to gain tremendous savings when necessary report formats are not created independently by separate offices but, instead, are developed just once, after which they are stored and made available over the web, where all who have the appropriate authorization can access and run them,” said Dr. Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus.

“We are very pleased that Locus selected our technology to assist their customers with environmental reporting. Locus has recognized the crucial need of business users to get secure reports in a timely way and is providing their clients with the ability to generate those reports in their browser. LocusFocus users will now be able to create both ad hoc and production reports with headers and footers, banded grouping, pagination, conditional formatting, charting, SQL optimization, and parameters without having to waiting in line at the IT department’s door to get their reports made,” said Caitlyn Harts, President and CEO of Cizer.

With the addition of Cizer reporting tools, Locus continues to provide its customers with a cost-competitive, centralized analytical information management system that is superior to any client-server system available in the marketplace today.

“As our client base continues to expand to private and government sectors, Locus is committed to meeting all federal and state electronic data deliverables for the environmental industry, and automating the complex world of environmental reporting,” added Dr. Duplancic.


Cizer Software has provided data reporting services and solutions for more than 20 years and has published Cizer Server Report products since 1996. As a Microsoft Reporting Services Joint Development Partner and ISV, Cizer is known for its reporting expertise and provides SQL Server-based solutions to commercial and public sector customers and to the US Federal Government via a GSA schedule. Both commercial and public sector clients rely on Cizer to publish thousands of reports each day and will now be able to create those reports and queries in their browser with the latest .NET XML technology. Information on the Cizer .NET Reporting Suite of products can be found by visiting Cizer’s website at or contacting