Keep up with evolving PFAS requirements

The EPA added two PFAS chemicals as Hazardous Substances. Learn how Locus software is keeping up with PFAS chemical tracking and reporting.

Get ahead of evolving refrigerant requirements

Your company can stay ahead of regulations, minimize risks, and unlock new opportunities for success in the area of sustainable refrigerant management.

Optimize your waste management practices

Learn how Locus provides advanced data management, operational optimization, and regulatory compliance tools to achieve greater efficiency.

Cap-and-trade compliance deadlines

The deadline to transfer sufficient compliance allowances into your account to meet your compliance obligation.

Stay on top of your EHS compliance tasks

Marian Carr, Senior Vice President at Locus Technologies, shows you how to use the Bookmarks tool in Locus Platform.

Automatically generate your soil lithology and well logs

Learn about the annual and periodic materiality assessment where system users rank based on their impact and relevance to the organization.

9 Keys to Selecting Sustainable ESG Reporting Software

Organizations face increased accountability for ESG performance, making it crucial to convert science, financial, and non-financial data into auditable ESG disclosures.

Use of the right technology can streamline data compilation and produce reliable sustainability reports. When choosing an ESG software solution look for these 9 keys to ensure it offers what your company needs.

How to Select the Best ESG Calculator

With the increased prominence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in corporate and financial reporting, it is increasingly important to ensure you have accurate, verifiable data underlying your reports.  Choosing the right ESG calculation engine is a critical part of compliance with rapidly evolving requirements and regulations.

The complete guide to evaluating EHS software

Selecting a new EHS software solution for your organization can be a long and complex process, but it doesn’t have to be painful. This complimentary 25-page guide will walk you through exactly which questions to ask, who should be involved, and what you should look for while evaluating an EHS software vendor and their products.