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Adapting to New ESG Roles and Responsibilities

A recent trend in business has been the emergence of new professional roles and responsibilities created to meet the ever-growing and ever-changing ESG landscape. A growth in commitment from proactive organizations towards heightened ESG standards means that many professionals have seen their duties not only increase, but they have been made more diverse than before. Given there is no precedent for combined ESG roles in the workplace, professionals from a range of backgrounds are stepping up to fill the necessary roles for their organizations. As a result, the environmental side of ESG is new to many.

Locus Technologies | ESG Roles

Whether your background is in financial compliance or in human resources, the expansion of your responsibilities means more information to manage and report. To help with this increased workload, you are first going to need assistance with environmental and sustainability monitoring and reporting, so that you can make data-driven decisions for the betterment of your company and its extended community. This undertaking may seem daunting, diving headfirst into a new area of expertise, luckily there is a software designed by and for environmental professionals.

While interest has surged in environmental, social, and corporate governance in recent years, we have been committed to simplifying environmental compliance and management for 25 years. We believe that environmental and sustainability data management, which is qualitative and indisputable, is the backbone of a strong ESG program. For new ESG leaders, this is the first tool that you should put into your toolkit and is the one you should build your program around.

ESG Reporting Overview


Making the foray into ESG means utilizing software to track environmental data for energy use, water consumption, air emissions, and waste generation to name a few. The platforms we have developed over two decades are transparent and cover processes from start to finish, allowing for evidence-based ESG reporting and decision-making. Our ESG software suite allows you to centralize your data and automate its collection, providing built-in auditing features and custom calculators to match the needs of your organization. Locus removes the guesswork from environmental data management and reporting, and will provide strength to your early ESG reports.

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