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A More Robust EHS Software Solution

One of the most frequent conversations we have is with EHS professionals who approach us with struggles concerning their current software solution. They often seek out Locus out of frustration, because their current software provider focuses almost exclusively on the safety side of EHS. While there’s nothing innately wrong with focusing on one aspect of EHS, most professionals need a more robust software to meet their needs. They need a solution that can handle the environmental side of EHS.

When we ask what they’re missing, it ranges depending on their current software, and most commonly these professionals don’t have the ability to automate environmental data collection, management, and reporting. They are, for the most part, entering everything by hand and reporting to local, state, and federal agencies manually. The lack of a proper solution from their current provider means that they’re doing more work and potentially misreporting due to repeat entry errors.

EHS professionals Must focus on a wide range of issues, and a lack of versatility in their software solution means that they have to work harder to fill in the gap in their existing process and software solutions. When Locus is approached, most of the time it’s by professionals seeking relief, and they find us because we offer a tool that both meets their needs and makes their work less stressful.

The environmental side of EHS is vast, and professionals are expected handle anything from air and GHG emissions to water, waste and beyond. And while other providers offer anything from a bare bones solution to enough to get by, Locus knows that a robust solution can reduce the burden, time, and potential inaccuracies that EHS professionals face. We know because we’ve been there. Locus software is developed by and for EHS professionals. Our domain experts have had to deal with the struggles of subpar software, so that’s why we make a solution to fit the needs of our peers. That’s why our EHS software features a full suite of solutions, and a robust calculation engine.

Are you seeking to simplify your data management, reporting, and visualization with a modern EHS software solution? Reach out and speak with a domain expert today.


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