Better consumer complaint tracking for water utilities

Nobody at any water provider wants to get customer complaints. After all, the goal and mission of every water provider is to provide clean safe drinking water in compliance with applicable standards. So, if there is something wrong, they want to know immediately and correct the issue as fast as possible. 

That is why if there is a positive coliform result, the labs (internal or external) immediately call and start the process of bracketing the problem and identifying and fixing the root cause. The same is true for taste and odor issues, they want to correct the situation as fast as possible. For example, if they see several taste or odor complaints the locations can be cross-checked against the latest chlorine sampling results.

Typically, complaint calls go to the water provider’s service center where they are logged, and emails and phone calls ensue. Follow-up actions are typically swift but trying to discern patterns or root causes can take time. This is why Locus Technologies (Locus) added GIS mapping to its water quality software applications and made them mobile-enabled.

Now, complaints can be logged in the office or the field and instantly updated on live maps to give the investigators a more comprehensive picture of the situation and if the issue is isolated, in a repeat location, or has multiple complaints along a pipeline (such as chlorine taste/odor). Findings can be documented, including laboratory/sampling reports, pictures, and follow-up tasks assigned as needed. 

This innovative solution empowers water utilities to streamline operations by efficiently recording and monitoring customer water quality complaints and empowers the inspectors with the information they need to investigate, notify operations (as needed), and resolve the issue or take the necessary actions.

By unifying water quality complaint data with the broader water network management system, utilities gain actionable insights into their operations. The Locus GIS-based application seamlessly integrates into the larger ecosystem of the Locus Water management software. This integration marks a significant step towards providing water utilities with a holistic solution for compliance and risk management.

Locus continues to advance water quality management, ensuring that the industry stays at the forefront of technology to meet the ever-growing demands for water quality and regulatory adherence.

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