Locus employee Sarah Wright- Director of Customer Success

Sarah Wright joins Locus Technologies as Director of Customer Success

Industry expert joins Locus in key customer-facing role

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., 25 April 2016  — Locus Technologies, the industry leader in cloud-based environmental compliance and information management software, announced today the addition of Sarah Wright as their Director of Customer Success. Customer Success is a new role at Locus, and its main function is managing the technical and business relationships between Locus and its customers, with the intent of maximizing the value that customers derive from the Locus SaaS solutions. With EHS compliance and sustainability becoming more integrated at large enterprises, Locus hopes to broaden and deepen its relationships with existing and future customers across customers’ divisions and various regulatory domains by expanding its engagement.

Before joining Locus, Ms. Wright worked as a database implementation specialist, directing global and regional environmental data management software implementations. She has worked closely with Fortune 100 companies to ensure success with their environmental software projects for single and enterprise systems. In addition to implementations and targeted trainings, Sarah is an expert in software system audits and environmental data management needs assessments to ensure companies’ data management systems function optimally. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Illinois in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

In addition to her environmental data management expertise, she has also worked in many facets of the environmental industry including analytical laboratories, environmental regulatory agencies, and remediation consulting firms. Ms. Wright is also co-chair in the upcoming International Conference for Environmental Data Management (ICEDM), where environmental data management experts share knowledge on best practices.

“We are very pleased to have Sarah Wright join our team,” said Neno Duplan, President and CEO of Locus. “With her highly relevant domain background, environmental software experience, and her hands-on experience with enterprise customers, Ms. Wright will be a key customer-facing member of the Locus team to ensure customers are maximizing the power of their Locus solutions and making each implementation a success. She will lead and quality check customer implementations to ensure that solutions are performing optimally and correctly.”