Republic Services

Republic Services Selects Locus’s EIM™ Software for Environmental Data Management

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 11, 2007  — Locus Technologies (Locus), the market and technology leader in on-demand environmental data and information management services, today announced that Republic Services, Inc., has selected Locus’s award-winning Environmental Information Management (EIM™) software to organize and manage data collected at their Countywide Services facility in East Sparta, Ohio. As an On-Demand web-based solution, EIM meets all their project requirements for environmental data management, allowing for quick deployment and multi-party access.

Republic Services, Inc., is a leading provider of solid waste collection, transfer, and disposal services in the United States. The company’s operating units are focused on providing solid waste services for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers. The Countywide Services facility joins more than 35,000 existing EIM sites of all sizes, industries, and locations that comprise Locus’s customer base. Republic Services selected EIM as the best choice to meet stringent regulatory deadlines that require expedited sampling, analysis, reporting, and regulatory data submittals. The EIM environmental data management system played a pivotal role in complying with the regulatory requirements by providing a completely off-the shelf software solution and fast deployment. Locus’s skilled environmental data managers supported Republic Services to get multiple labs and project teams up and running in record time.

“Before EIM, Republic’s site did not have an environmental data management system that could be quickly deployed, and accept electronic submissions from analytical laboratories. EIM allows Republic Services to quickly share data on this fast-track project, while reducing the data management effort and cost.” said Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus. “Republic Services chose EIM software, because it came equipped with what they needed, allowing direct upload of laboratory data, subsurface and air emissions data management, quick and easy export of data to regulatory agencies, and easy collaboration for a geographically disperse project team – all key elements of this project. By using Locus’s environmental software, this project is now on the cutting edge of technologies that use data visualization, mashups, automated data validation, and project collaboration tools which resemble popular social networking technologies that serve as the core to Locus’s Web 2.0 offerings. Locus is proud to be contributing to the success of companies of all sizes, in all industries, around the globe, including Republic Services, one of the nation’s largest waste management companies.”