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Orion Environmental Inc. Selects Locus Environmental Software

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., January 11, 2010 — Locus Technologies (Locus), the industry leader in web-based environmental compliance and information management software, today announced that Orion Environmental Inc. has selected Locus’ Environmental Information Management (EIM) system to streamline environmental data management at its clients’ environmental remediation sites.

EIM streamlines the data entry, analysis, and reporting of water, air, and soil data uploaded from laboratories or input from the field, so that Orion Environmental can get reports and answers quickly. This data is stored in a central, secure location and can be easily shared with regulators, clients, or in-house management. EIM also provides standard analytical chemistry tools and report generation in an easy-to-use system for Orion Environmental.

Locus has also released a new utility that offers customized reporting using templates based on customer formatting and document requirements. Users can define filtering, data sequencing and formatting, and footnotes for a report and save all criteria for later use. This new utility allows EIM users to generate report quality data tables with only a few clicks without any required third party software. Reports can be run on any computer that has a web browser allowing for report generation at any time and any place. This utility has great potential to reduce reporting costs and labor.

According to Jeff Gwinn, Vice President at Orion Environmental, “Locus EIM has improved our productivity through automatic data quality checks, real-time data queries and graphics, and automated data tables for regulatory reports. EIM’s ability to manage our data, including direct laboratory upload of sampling results, saves us and our client’s time and money. EIM’s ability to manage multiple sites within a single database is perfect for our larger clients.”

“We are very pleased that Orion Environmental has joined the rapidly growing list of Locus’ customers to streamline environmental information management services. This example is very significant proof of what an astute environmental consulting company is able to achieve through a partnership with Locus. Through the use of Locus EIM, Orion is able to provide superior data management services to their customers using cloud computing and bring cost efficiencies throughout the business process, resulting in a win-win for both Orion and their many customers.” said Dr. Neno Duplan, President and CEO of Locus.

In addition to EIM, Locus provides advanced enterprise environmental information management software systems to the environmental industry. Locus’ ePortal product gives small and large enterprises a world class option for management of all environmental and sustainability data, from compliance tracking to greenhouse gas accounting tools, in a simple and easy to use dashboard based system.
From its Long Beach, California, headquarters, Orion provides industry and government clients with environmental services ranging from site investigation to remediation and closure. Orion’s engineers and hydrogeologists specialize in designing, installing, operating, and enhancing remediation systems to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater.

For more information, visit www.orionenv.com or contact Mr. Jeff Gwinn at (562) 988-2755.