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Locus Technologies takes environmental industry wireless

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., 30 November 2000 — Locus Technologies (Locus), a global leader in environmental information management, today announced they have released the environmental industry’s first wireless Internet application for recording water level data in the field. The application is called eWell and uses the popular Palm® operating system. It can be used as an independent wireless application or with LocusFocus™, Locus’s environmental web portal. The system has been deployed on several large groundwater monitoring sites in California. The LocusFocus™ portal includes remote control and monitoring of treatment systems, Environmental Information Management (EIM™), and document management and collaboration tools. The EIM™ database is designed to manage the vast quantities of sampling, analytical and geotechnical data that are typically collected during the investigation, cleanup and monitoring of contaminated sites.

eWell is the first in a series of wireless applications for the LocusFocus™ Environmental Co Pilot Suite that is designed to bring the full functionality of Locus’s environmental-based Internet technologies to wireless devices. Locus intends to expand wireless applications to operate on a Pocket-PC® platform and Symbol Technologies™ devices equipped with barcode readers.

The release of eWell brings the power of LocusFocus™ to wireless cyberspace and completes the delivery triangle (Internet, microcomputer and wireless handheld device) for Locus’s Internet-based environmental services. “This new wireless technology application equips field technicians and engineers with the tools they need to stay productive while working remotely. The system eliminates manual entry of information into the project database and makes validated information available to engineers instantly. By extending our Internet offerings to include wireless devices, we are one step closer to our vision of a totally automated, Internet-based data collection, management, retrieval and reporting system that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime,” said Neno Duplancic, President and CEO Locus Technologies.

“The immediate benefits of the system include less data entry and transcription, simplified QA/QC, better access to key information and a reduction in the time required to upload field-generated records into the project or site database. Ultimately, the system promises to significantly reduce the overall cost of environmental monitoring and sampling,” said Duplancic.