Locus EIM

Locus Technologies implements comprehensive cross-tab reporting tool for its Internet-based Environmental Information Management (EIM) system

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, 23 April 2002 — Locus Technologies (Locus), a global leader in environmental information management, announced today that it has completed the development and testing of a comprehensive, cross-tab reporting tool for its Internet-based Environmental Information Management™ (EIM™) system. Cross-tab reports are the bane of the environmental industry. They are a required part of almost every deliverable associated with a site investigation, cleanup, or monitoring project. Yet even the most popular commercial report-writers often have difficulty producing these reports directly from a relational database. EIM™ is a module of LocusFocus(SM), an environmental portal that also includes applications for real-time monitoring, automating, operating, and controlling process and treatment systems; conducting environmental site audits; storing and retrieving documents; and collaborating on-line.

Locus’s cross-tab reporting module offers a wealth of functionality to engineers, scientists, and managers. Reports can be customized by the user, or saved formats can be retrieved and used.

Using various controls, such as drop-down list boxes and radio buttons, users can choose what data they want to include in a specific report, as well as what information they want to display in the row and column headings and the cells of the report. Given that trillions of different formatting permutations are available, no one should find the module lacking in flexibility.

Users who do not want to remain connected to LocusFocus(SM) after submitting a request can have their reports generated offline. When a report is complete, it is emailed to the user or another designated individual. Reports can also be set up to run at scheduled times in the future without the user having to log in at all.

“The Internet, or a private corporate intranet or extranet, is a very attractive environment for deploying environmental data to the business community. The most attractive aspect of using the Internet is that it minimizes the cost and complexity of distributing query and reporting software on each user’s computer. In many cases, the user need only have an Internet browser for accessing the database. LocusFocus’s(SM) web-based, cross-tab reporting module is an attractive tool in this regard. No specialized software is required to run it, and it is easy to use. As such, users can focus on the environmental task at hand, instead of having to struggle to install and learn a new and complex reporting tool,” says Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus.

LocusFocus(SM) is a multi-channel, dynamic Web portal that provides for all aspects of environmental site management. LocusFocus(SM) has the potential of bringing the benefits of Internet technology to the environmental industry and, as such, eliminate the many inefficiencies and incompatible technologies that afflict the industry.