Locus EIM

Locus Technologies announces release of Internet-based environmental information management system

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., 26 June 2000- — Locus Technologies (Locus) announced today that it has completed the development and testing of the environmental industry’s first Internet-based Environmental Information Management (EIM™ system. This system is designed to manage the vast quantities of sampling, analytical, and geotechnical data that are typically collected during the investigation and cleanup of contaminated sites. EIM includes the capability to plan and schedule sampling events, input field data, upload electronic data from analytical laboratories, produce downloadable reports and files, perform statistical and trend analyses, and create and display plots and other graphics.

EIM™ represents yet another addition to Locus’s award-winning Internet-based transaction and information platform, LocusFocus. This suite of e-business services and systems include project and document management tools, as well as remote-control and automation of treatment systems that can be accessed and controlled using a web browser and wireless devices.

“The release of EIM constitutes the completion of the third pillar in Locus’s goal to develop LocusFocus into the world’s largest, most comprehensive portal for environmental information and services,” says Dr. Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus. “We plan to continue adding functionality to the existing modules, as well as expand into other areas, such as cross-team communication and collaboration, environmental and compliance management, health and safety, and real-time monitoring. We are extremely excited about the future prospects for LocusFocus and look to organize all of our work around it in the months and years ahead.”

LocusFocus is used by a number of Fortune 50 companies and constitutes the fastest growing business sector of Locus. LocusFocus has the potential to bring the benefits of Internet technology to the environmental industry and, as such, eliminate the many inefficiencies and incompatible technologies that afflict the industry. These benefits include increased opportunities for collaboration; remote-access to environmental information; better project coordination; improved reliability of information management systems; more control of, and easier and better access to, project information and documents; and, ultimately, lower project costs.

Since its inception in 1997, Locus has been at the forefront of the environmental industry with respect to providing Internet-based services and systems. Currently, the company is exploring the possibility of allying with one or more other companies to accelerate its product development cycles, expand its offerings, and gain a greater share of the market for on-line environmental services.