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Locus introduces eSite

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., 17 May 2006 — Locus Technologies (Locus), the industry leader in web-based environmental data and information management services, announced today that it has released its newest offering in the LocusFocusSM suite of products, called eSite. eSite is an exciting online software service developed specifically for the clients with a portfolio of environmentally impacted sites. eSite is designed to help streamline and organize important environmental information about a company’s sites. It is particularly
geared toward those organizations with hundreds, or even thousands, of properties at which environmental conditions must either be monitored or remediated.

eSite’s design was based on input from customers struggling to keep on top of environmental issues at their manufacturing, retail, Superfund, and other sites across the county and around the globe. After reaping significant benefits from moving their sampling and analytical data into Locus’s EIM™ (Environmental Information Management) system, these customers expressed a desire to have a related place on the web to store and retrieve more basic types of site information, including assets, regulatory and environmental history, as well as real estate, permitting, compliance, project schedule, treatment technology, and strategic planning data. Information on contractors, consultants, law firms, laboratories, and agencies; budget summaries; site operational history and property history; significant regulatory events; chronologies of environmental investigations, monitoring studies, and cleanup actions; current project schedule; and anticipated future actions and strategies. Given the more than 20-year life-cycle of many environmental projects, maintaining this information in a secure and easily accessible website has become just as important as streamlining the sampling and analytical data management process.

In one simple application, eSite preserves the mission-critical environmental history of each site and makes this knowledge accessible to senior managers, as well as site supervisors. Interface to Google Maps and portfolio-wide data summaries are key components of the system, thus, making the management of hundreds of sites a far more efficient activity.

According to Locus Technologies president and CEO, Neno Duplancic, “eSite is just what our customers have been asking for–it’s a simple and elegant solution to a ongoing environmental management problem. When site consultants change every 3 to 5 years, and site managers change just as frequently, keeping track of the simple things becomes a headache. With eSite, a company’s key environmental information and knowledge is managed over time, thus providing long-term continuity and knowledge retention. In addition, accumulated knowledge can be shared among sites with similar contaminants, geological settings, or other common parameters. A site manager, for example, can use eSite to search among a list of suppliers for any with similar and relevant closure experience at other sites. In short, we expect eSite to provide our customers with an important knowledge-based tool for managing their portfolios in as efficient manner as possible.”

“eSite is built using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that will allow many of our clients to integrate their own home-grown solutions into it. When it comes to environmental data and information, nothing in the enterprise should exist in isolation—companies must leverage existing data and application assets by provisioning them as shareable services,” adds Duplancic.

eSite will be available to customers under Locus’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which allows customers to reduce costs of environmental data management and software by streamlining and simplifying ownership and maintenance.