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Locus awarded security assessment contract with state of Arizona

PHOENIX, Arizona, 17 December 2004  — Locus Technologies has been awarded a competitive bid contract to support the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) with security vulnerability assessments for drinking water and waste water systems throughout the state.

Until recently, contamination of water with biological, chemical, or radiologic agents generally resulted from natural, industrial, or unintentional man-made accidents. Unfortunately, recent terrorist activity in the U.S. has forced public health agencies and water utilities to consider the possibility of intentional contamination of U.S. water supplies as part of an organized effort to disrupt and damage important elements of our national infrastructure.

The contract, which is part of a federally sponsored program to enhance security systems for water and wastewater plants, demonstrates Locus’s ability to utilize its traditional expertise in water, wastewater, and groundwater, coupled with our leading role in environmental information management technology, to support critical services relating to post-9/11 security programs.

“Locus is pleased to provide ADEQ with security assessment services. Although detection methods for recognizing intentional contamination of a water supply are improving, the best method to fight this threat is prevention. Locus is well-positioned to use its deep domain expertise, coupled with advanced environmental information technology expertise, to provide vulnerability assessment on a plant-by-plant basis. Early recognition of potential vulnerability, accurate diagnosis for improvements, and conscientious approach to infrastructure improvements and surveillance will be critical to maintaining water security and safety and to protecting the nation’s public health in the future,” says Dr. Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus Technologies.

Our team of recognized wastewater and security system experts has unique capabilities and experience in the developing market niche of post-9/11 security services. We are proud to do our part in the protection of America’s vital assets,” added Duplancic.