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Locus announces release of eWaste

Walnut Creek, Calif., 13 January 2003  — Locus Technologies (Locus), a global leader in environmental information management, announced today they have released eWaste, the environmental industry’s premier hazardous waste and chemicals management software.

eWaste is a comprehensive, but easy-to-use, software program for the classification, labeling, packaging, lab packing, storage, manifesting, transporting, disposal, tracking, and reporting on hazardous waste and hazardous chemicals. It automatically assigns EPA and DOT regulatory information to waste chemical products. The program helps clients determine the chemical compatibility of their waste chemicals, and safely assign them to containers with compatible items.

eWaste manages customers’ waste profiles, allowing for full EPA reporting capabilities, as well as reduced errors in labeling and shipping descriptions. eWaste synchronizes with either Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) or portable bar code readers, such as Symbol units, for quick and accurate collection of field data and container tracking. As part of its joint application development and marketing partnership with Symbol Technologies, Locus has committed to making all of its hand-held applications compatible with Symbol PDAs and mobile computing devices. eWaste continues to fulfill Locus’s commitments to offer all of its environmental software on multiple platforms and wireless devices equipped with bar-code readers and GPS (Global Positioning System) capabilities.

eWaste also features point-n-click preparation and printing of 11 different states’ waste manifests, as well as federal uniform, nonhaz, and bills of ladings. It can automatically prepare up to a nine-page manifest, utilizing either uniform or state-specified continuation sheets. eWaste prepares management, cost tracking, and regulatory reports, including the Biennial Regulatory Report and SARA 313. In the near future, Locus plans to fully webenable eWaste, thereby allowing for secure, but easy access, of all inventories and reports to key personnel, no matter where they are.

“We are pleased to offer our customers another module in LocusFocus(SM) that allows complete waste tracking solutions from cradle to grave. Coupled with our web-based analytical Environmental Information Management™ (EIM™) system, eWaste provides the most comprehensive enterprise-based integrated solution for managing waste and contaminated sites analytical data at lowest cost”, said Mr. Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus.