Locus EIM

Locus announces Internet-based environmental software suite

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., 17 December 1999 — Locus Technologies (Locus) announced today that it has designed, developed, and implemented an Internet-based information delivery, transaction, and remote-control platform for the environmental industry.

Locus’s suite of Internet-based technologies, named LocusFocus, and Environmental Information Management™ (EIM™), includes document management, project scheduling, and cost-control capabilities, as well as more sophisticated applications, such as web browser-based automation of the monitoring and control of treatment systems, a comprehensive environmental data management system, and data input and retrieval via hand-held wireless devices, such as a 3Com Palm Pilot™.

Locus believes a significant opportunity exists to leverage the power of the Internet to provide secure, open, and universally accessible network services for the environmental industry that connect participants; automate the flow of information; enable individuals to monitor and control environmental treatment systems remotely; and provide for the upload, download, and/or display of analytical and sampling information for groundwater, soil, and air.

Based on their successful use on several large, active remediation sites, Locus believes its applications have the potential to create significant improvements in the way that information is used by the environmental industry, leading to improved work flow, better decision-making, and, ultimately, higher-quality project management at significant cost savings. “We have given our clients a system that is much more efficient to operate and maintain and that reduces their costs,” said Dr. Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus Technologies.

Locus also announced that Dr. Daniel Rehak, a professor at Carnegie-Mellon University, has been retained as a technical consultant. Dr. Rehak has significant experience in the development and application of database-driven Internet technologies. Among his many accomplishments, he is one of the principals in charge of the creation and implementation of Carnegie-Mellon’s Internet-based course delivery system.

“While the environmental sector is clearly lucrative and growing steadily on a global scale, it is also highly inefficient, archaic, and fragmented. Locus’s services using Internet-based technologies bring necessary discipline to data organization and reporting in a fragmented environmental industry information management market,” Duplancic added.