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Locus announces e3, the industry’s first web-based eManagement portal

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., 13 July 2005 — Locus Technologies (Locus), the leader in environmental information management, today announced the e3 Enterprise Environmental eManagement portal. This exciting new application brings together Locus’s key web-based environmental data management products and introduces customers to LocusFocusSM EIM™ Enterprise, the industries’ first true web-based enterprise data mining application. EIM, Locus’s award-winning Environmental Information Management system available exclusively over the web to meet the environmental data management needs of companies worldwide, stores thousands of sites and millions of records for customers worldwide. Navigating the vast amounts of environmental data stored in EIM was typically performed by skilled environmental professionals familiar with the complex datasets. By introducing EIM Enterprise, Locus has turned this vast amount of data into a wealth of information easily accessible by everyone.

EIM Enterprise mines the data from Locus’s EIM database to allow managers, corporate executives, and project team members to easily track regulatory action level exceedances and analytical laboratory performance across a portfolio of sites, monitor contractor performance ,and quickly query data from an entire multi-site database in seconds.

“EIM Enterprise takes the power of Internet databases and data mining to a whole new level,” says Dr. Neno Duplancic, president and CEO of Locus Technologies. “This application makes managing 100 or 1,000 sites as easy as managing a single site. Data are quickly retrieved and available for decision-making. We designed this application for our large corporate customers who manage hundreds or thousands of sites, making sure it is easy to use and intuitive,” added Duplancic.

Never before could senior environmental managers track laboratory performance with literally two clicks of the mouse. Never before could they find out in 5 seconds how many of their sites had percholorate or MTBE. With EIM Enterprise, those questions can be answered in a matter of seconds.

In early July, all current EIM customers with multiple sites will have e3 available to them. This is an example of the type of free upgrades Locus customers have become accustomed to. EIM Enterprise is available at no additional cost to all of Locus’s current corporate customers with EIM Enterprise systems.