Locus and Lancaster Labs team to bring Powered by Locus to customers

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., September 15, 2006 — Locus Technologies, the industry leader in environmental information management, and Lancaster Laboratories, one of the largest single-site commercial testing laboratories in the nation, today announced the release of Lancaster Labs “Powered by Locus” online service to help consultants, industrial clients, and regulatory agencies prepare and evaluate their analytical data.

“Powered by Locus” is an exciting new online environmental data service that Lancaster is able to offer its customers. Lancaster, one of the many analytical laboratories that use Locus’s Environmental Information Management System (EIM) to deliver electronic analytical and environmental data to their customers, was so impressed with EIM’s ability to manage electronic data from analytical laboratories, that they wanted to incorporate Locus’s
technology into their own data delivery process.

Using Powered by Locus, Lancaster provides their customers with access to analytical data and gives them the ability to download the data in customizable report formats. Customers get their data through a user-friendly online system available 24/7. Customers can work with Lancaster to customize their data interface, or they can create their own electronic data formats, with the ability to check their data with site-specific valid values.

Lancaster Labs President, Wilson Hershey, Ph.D. states, “We’re excited to offer Powered by Locus to our clients. Lancaster Labs’ strength in electronic data generation and the Powered by Locus tools will enable our clients to access and output Lancaster Labs data in the format that best suits their data reporting needs. This system provides the flexibility to create reports, sort, and summarize data to meet our clients’ many data reporting requirements. We think Powered by Locus will be a valuable tool for consultants and industrial clients and
will enable them to reduce both their time and costs associated with electronic data processing.”

According to Locus Technologies President and CEO, Neno Duplancic, “Powered by Locus is a natural extension of our leading-edge online environmental data management software services. We have developed a tool for analytical labs to better serve their customers that avoids costly and risky submittals of Electronic Data Deliverables as e-mail attachments, while improving data integrity, quality, and security. Labs already using EIM know of our capabilities and are eager to introduce our products to their customers. Powered by Locus is a perfect way to streamline delivery of laboratory analytical data through a web-based channel. We think this is a great fit for both companies and their existing customers, and we are excited to be able to reach additional customers.”