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Locus and ChemAdvisor Team Up to Offer Integrated Portal for Chemical and Regulatory Information Management

Two Industry Leaders to Address a Growing Need for Integrated Regulatory and Chemical Management

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and PITTSBURGH, PA., 9 January 2012 — Locus Technologies (Locus), the industry leader in web-based environmental, energy, and compliance software, and ChemADVISOR, Inc., the leader in regulatory products, chemical databases, and regulatory compliance needs, announced today the signing of a formal partnership between the two premier environmental software companies. The popular ChemADVISOR Chemical Regulatory database will be integrated into and offered as a module within Locus’ award-winning ePortal via a Single Sign On (SSO).

ChemADVISOR maintains the List of Lists (LOLI) database, which contains almost 4,000 regulatory lists from around the world. These lists are useful for material safety data sheet (MSDS) preparation and other regulatory compliance needs. Data sources include inventories, physical properties, and toxicity data, as well as data necessary for U.S. and international environmental, health, and safety compliance.

ChemADVISOR will refresh the LOLI database through the Locus ePortal to ensure the lists continually reflect the most up-to-date information in the industry. Locus ePortal customers who subscribe to the LOLI database will have seamless access to a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to search for regulatory information on specific chemicals and chemical groups. They will have an efficient way to perform an occasional regulatory check on a chemical that is managed and reported from one of Locus’ ePortal modules without needing to log into a separate application. Customers will be able to for search CAS numbers by chemical name, PMN number, EINECS, number and more.

“With the integration of ChemADVISOR into ePortal, customers will have even more comprehensive tools to manage all aspects of their regulatory compliance, energy and water usage, water quality, air emissions, greenhouse gas reporting, and health and safety through one online portal,” said Neno Duplan, President and CEO of Locus. “More than half a million records on hundreds of thousands of chemicals can be searched in seconds. Customers can check chemicals against ChemADVISOR inventory lists, extensive sets of health and safety regulations and advisory sources, or both, all while in ePortal performing other compliance tasks. They can compare chemicals at their facility to regulatory frameworks that are associated with those chemicals and may be relevant to their sites. That is very powerful because it saves times, reduces risk of non-compliance, and improves regulatory diligence.”

Included in ePortal will also be The Transportation Database that contains all of the information from the U.S. Department of Transportation, ADR, ADN, RID, Canadian TDG, IATA, ICAO and IMO hazardous materials tables in a database format. This list includes proper shipping names, packing groups, CFR notations, synonyms, and more.

“Using the Locus ePortal, integrated with the ChemADVISOR database, clients can take a more holistic view of their enterprises, which can enable them to manage their compliance expenditures and operational costs more effectively. The industry needs integrated solutions that allow fewer people to manage more using less. That was the main impetus behind our decision to join forces with Locus and offer an integrated solution in the Cloud,” said Andrew Dsida, President and CEO of ChemADVISOR.

“Indeed, the market has lacked an integrated solution that brings many-if not all-environmental, energy, water, and other compliance and consumption requirements under a single portal infrastructure and sign-on online,” added Duplan. “With the addition of ChemADVISOR to ePortal, customers now have the integrated system, similar to ERP, that will manage all environmental, energy, water, and other sustainability needs.”
Since 1986, ChemADVISOR, Inc. has been the chemical industry’s indispensable source of Environmental Health Safety & Transportation information. Specializing in providing regulatory consulting services, products and training, ChemADVISOR has a solution ready to meet your compliance needs. Our LOLI database is the largest and most comprehensive regulatory database available, providing a single source of world-wide regulatory information at your fingertips.

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