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A Major Oil and Natural Gas Company Selects Locus’ Energy and Environmental SaaS Software

Independent Exploration and Production Company to manage and report environmental, compliance, and sustainability information in Locus Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, California, May 23, 2011  — Locus Technologies (Locus), the industry leader in Web-based water, energy and environmental software, announced today that it has been awarded a contract to manage corporate environmental compliance and sustainability at a publically traded, independent E&P company focused exclusively on oil and natural gas development in California.

Locus ePortal will be configured to ensure that the E&P company can track and manage environmental compliance at all company locations, including offshore platforms, in a single unified system. Locus ePortal compliance applications replace a variety of site-specific tracking tools that are non-uniform, difficult to keep up to date, and do not provide business continuity in the event of staff attrition. It will also support the increased number of inspections that occur in various jurisdictions where the company explores for natural gas and oil, and will provide key compliance metrics at the site and regional levels.

“The California E&P company is concerned about the environment as the company operates in areas with extensive environmental regulations, including offshore platforms in and around the Santa Barbara Channel as well as exploration and production rigs in prime agricultural areas, such as the Sacramento Basin. Locus ePortal is a perfect fit for the company to ensure that the company stays on top of all reporting requirements and organizes all of its compliance information in a single database with a single online sign-on,” said Neno Duplan, President and CEO of Locus.

“For the natural gas industry to stay in compliance with ever-stricter laws to protect drinking water supplies and air emissions, drilling companies need better ways to organize hydrofracking waste data in order to demonstrate to the public and regulators that hydrofracking activities are not endangering natural resources. They also need to prove that any dangerous waste from the wells is handled in compliance with state and federal laws. We are very pleased that the software tools that Locus has developed for this new industry are well received in the marketplace,” added Duplan.