Wouldn’t it be great if you could just get compliance software with much less time and effort? That is where Locus’ pre-configured apps come in.  They are market tested and fully featured yet still allow for flexibility/configurability in key areas such as: 

  • Adding new data fields to capture industry specific information.
  • Adding or removing document or URL capture fields. 
  • Associating tasks with anything.
  • Adding data collection fields to any task completion.
  • Adding or removing workflows. 
  • Rearranging field order and specifying “required” fields.
  • Setting up audit tracking. 
  • Creating perfect mobile layouts for fast and efficient data capture. 
  • Adding text and comment fields to any form. 

All these simple configurations can be done quickly and easily because our apps already contain all the basics needed to track compliance.  Simple configurations just let customers grab more data for reporting and dashboards so company rollups and targeted reporting are simplified. 

Locus out of the box apps include: 

  • Compliance – Obligations/Permits > Requirements > Tasks.
  • Events – Any event needing tracking and follow up such as NOVs, regulatory inspections, spills etc. 
  • Waste – Track wastes, profiles, containers, storage, shipping and final disposal. 
  • Incidents – Track incidents from occurrence through resolution and follow up actions. 

What about getting all that information into the systemThat is another area where time and money can pile up and areas where people can prepare in advance.  

  • Pre-configured Excel templates already mapped to the software – available from Locus. Decide in advance how you want to phase in all your locations and break up the effort into manageable chunks. 
  • New permits/requirements not yet digitized?  Software implementation experts can help “deconstruct” the obligations and get the data ready for upload. Again, decide on appropriate phasing and break up the effort into manageable chunks. 

Whether you’re looking to track 100 or 1,000 permits and ensure your commitments are assigned and completed, Locus Technologies out of the box apps can help your company achieve those goals. 

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