Top 10 Enhancements to Locus EHS Compliance Software in 2020

Posted by Locus Product Team

Locus Platform is a configurable cloud-based solution for managing EHS&S compliance-related information. Let’s take a look back on the most exciting new features and changes made to the platform in 2020!

Locus Platform Configurability

1.  Mobile Photo Support

Users can now take photos with the Locus Mobile app for the picture fields on the form. The images are uploaded to the server on sync and can be seen with the record in the web application. Feature requires minor configuration for existing mobile-enabled entities.

2. Enhanced Search Functionality

The application header has been redesigned to have quick access to the search box, calendar, and your subscribed apps. The search box can be used to find application menu items and directly navigate to those screens, or to directly navigate to a record using the record number.

3. Improvements to Waste App

For off-the-shelf Waste Management app users, enhancements include new reports, EPA SI and GM forms, GHS labels in container and legends, and tooltips for dashboards.

4. Streamlined User Navigation

New “Screens” functionality enables access to same entity types across multiple applications in LP. With improved dashboards and streamlined workflow, users no longer have to jump between applications to get things done.

5. Improvements to Compliance App

The enhanced Compliance and Task Management app now allows admins to define and generate groups of similar tasks at once, without waiting for the completion of previous tasks. This simplifies the completion process and is especially useful for recurring inspections.

6. Triggered and Sequenced Tasks

Users can now set up sequenced tasks to be triggered once an initial task is completed. For example, completing a sampling event can trigger a set of follow-up tasks such as “create report” and “submit to regulator” where each completed task triggers the following one.

7. Improvements to Export Functionality

Users can now export date columns in an Excel-friendly format, eliminating date formatting issues common with some Excel downloads.

8. More Convenient Dashboards

Filter criteria are now displayed atop dashboards to visually document the applied filters, which is handy when querying large amounts of data on the dashboards.

9. Enhanced CSV Support

Added support for CSV exports, including zipped files, to better support regulatory submittals.

10. Upgrades to Sustainability App

Users now can run calculations on a subset of sustainability indicators. Calculations can be split between multiple phases, with the ability to use previous phase results on subsequent calculations without the need to recalculate.


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