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Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No. 4: Business-Driven Configurability

Cloud computing applications should be configurable, so your IT organization is freed from costly customizations, and business people can configure processes that meet the specific needs of the organization.

The greatest self-inflicted wound customers make is allowing too much customization to software they run on premises. It gets down to how customer balances freedom versus order. Customization is all about freedom, but if you go too far down that road, you lose order. At Locus, we have found that configurable environmental software lets an organization balance freedom and order. A configurable cloud application should include a catalog of industry standard choices, so that it becomes apparent how much time and cost has gone into a company’s previous efforts to customize software just because “a process has always been done that way” . With customizations, customers often are not designing for business processes, they are designing for personalities.

One of the myths of SaaS is that since it is in the cloud, it is one-size-fits-all, but that could not be further from the truth. Real SaaS solutions should not only be configurable for the company, but in different ways for different parts of a company. Many Locus customers with global footprints, for example, require different carbon management processes for different countries, which they can configure in Locus SaaS without the need for customizations. Similarly, customers can configure Locus to deliver DMR and other reports differently for different state requirements or different customer requirements.

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