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How to Keep the Public Informed on Environmental Projects

It is always concerning when environmental issues are significant enough to start grabbing headlines. Typically for an environmental project to become newsworthy, there have been significant impacts to human health or the environment. It is extremely rare to see any environmental success story in the news, simply because there is no reason for the public […]

Struggling to track your waste?

When looking for a GHG reporting program, there is one element that is typically overlooked. This short video gives us more insight.

Preparing for Your ESG Audit

Recently, Locus CEO Neno Duplan described the need for credible ESG Reporting, and the evolving corporate, financial, and political drivers leading to the proliferation of ESG reporting. Here, we look at some of the practical aspects of building and maintaining an ESG reporting program.  After leading audits for greenhouse gas emissions and other ESG metrics […]

Indirect Impacts of COVID-19 on EHS Industry

For the better part of 2020, it’s safe to say that predominant changes to our daily lives have been brought on by COVID-19 and the associated response measures. This is certainly true for those of us working in the EHS field. EHS workers have an active role on the front lines, preparing our workplaces with new safety measures, including social distancing signage, training, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program

Last week Locus attended the first training session offered by California Air Resources Board (CARB) for verifiers under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program. The California LCFS program has been ramping up over the past several years, and is now ready to start certifying third-party verifiers to review both applications and routine reporting.

A day in the presidential life

In this guest blog post, Locus President Wes Hawthorne describes a week in his shoes— from strategic meetings to hands-on support for software & services.