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Locus introduces enterprise data mining to EIM

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., 8 February 2005  — Locus Technologies (Locus), the industry leader in web-based environmental information management, announced today that it has added new Quick Views data-mining features to its flagship product, EIM™. EIM is a robust and feature-rich tool that allows companies to upload and view environmental information pertaining to their sites and facilities–exclusively over the web.

EIM’s new Quick Views bring a whole new level, in terms of data mining and data extraction capability. Data mining can best be described as a powerful technology that utilizes various techniques to extract comprehensible, hidden, and useful information from large data sets. Using Quick Views, EIM users can quickly retrieve, sort, and search data and cut and paste the results of their queries directly into almost any program in seconds. Customers with large, multi-site databases now have the ability to quickly and easily query across all sites and mine data as never before possible. Most significantly, the opportunity to discover hidden trends and patterns and prioritize work based on these findings is now within reach of even casual users with little or no experience with databases.

Environmental data is a strategic resource in today’s complex business world. Hidden in most companies’ widely scattered, and largely inaccessible, environmental databases are reasons why companies have contaminated sites in the first place and answers as to what processes and practices they need to change to avoid having them in the future. These databases also contain the day-to-day information companies need to run environmental projects, design and implement remedies, provide regulatory reporting, and optimize operation and maintenance programs. To effectively manage these copious quantities of data across many different sites, companies must have the capability to effectively analyze the data so as to unearth those key correlations that allow them to improve their cleanup strategies, decrease their capital and operating costs, and prevent future creation of similar sites. A single, accessible centralized data management system, coupled with data mining applications, such as EIM’s Quick Views, can be a key strategic advantage for companies who desire to manage their portfolios of contaminated sites in a cost-effective manner.

According to Locus Technologies’ President and CEO, Dr. Neno Duplancic, “Companies have been frustrated for years with the state of environmental data management. Answering simple questions, such as ‘how many of my sites have MTBE, perchlorate, or TCE aboveaction limits,’ were exercises in frustration. With Quick Views, this is no longer the case. Companies can mine data and quickly answer questions to support their corporate strategic objectives and site exit strategies. The technology will help Locus’s customers turn environmental data into meaningful information. Furthermore, this new feature of EIM gives environmental managers the ability to ‘visualize’ and orchestrate the entire environmental data management process at all of their sites, rather than merely juggling resources to fill the broad range of deliverables that they and their consultants have to manage on a regular basis at each of their individual sites.“