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Locus announces free year-end legacy data loading

The Leader in On-Demand Environmental Information Management

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., October 17, 2006 — Locus Technologies, the industry leader in on-demand environmental information management, announced today a limited time promotion for new customers to try Locus’s popular on-demand analytical data management software (EIM™). From now until the end of the year, Locus will offer free data loading for up to five (5) sites for any new customer who signs up for its on-demand environmental data management services. Locus is making this offer to encourage companies to try, risk-free, a whole new way of managing environmental data on the web.

Data management practices in the environmental industry have lagged far behind other more-visible departments in most companies. In the age of instant funds transfer, online banking, electronic data transfers, wireless Internet, and sophisticated enterprise data systems, it is, unfortunately, still common for mission-critical environmental data to be delivered via hard-copy mail and hand-keyed into simple desktop spreadsheets managed by various consultants with offices across the country. Even in the best of circumstances, data are attached to insecure emails and stored in custom-designed, single-use databases with limited, if any, access by the data owners and multiple project participants.

Locus is changing this paradigm and shaking up the environmental industry by delivering sophisticated, robust enterprise environmental data management tools on-line and ondemand to the marketplace. Locus’s EIM environmental data system combines one of the most advanced and robust databases with a full-featured front end to deliver an unequalled set of services to a sector long ignored. And all of this is offered online, on-demand, 24/7, anywhere in the world–meaning that no hardware or software investment is required, no installation is needed, and no IT department services are necessary. Just sign up, log in and start realizing what some of America’s largest companies have already discovered. Locus is offering free data loading to encourage companies to try a better approach that will forever change the way they manage data.

“We are continually surprised by the state of environmental data management in the environmental industry. Customers routinely come to us with boxes of CDs, faxes of report data tables, and hard-copy lab reports and tell us these are critical data for the closure of their environmental sites–sites that carry many millions of dollars of liability for the company for which they spent millions collecting the data. Locus helps customers migrate and organize their data quickly and effectively, so they can optimize the value they receive from Locus’s on-demand EIM software. Once uploaded to EIM, everyone can work from a single, centralized database and never again deal with inconsistent and inaccessible data,” said Neno Duplancic, President and CEO of Locus.

Locus’s on-demand model is an innovative, low-risk, and flexible solution for laboratories, consultants, regulatory agencies, potentially responsible parties (PRPs) and companies that own environmentally impacted sites. With little up-front investment, customers can take control of their data, rid themselves of the current inefficient and insecure practices, and start enjoying the benefits of EIM’s versatile and proven set of tools to manage, view, and
report their data. EIM organizes environmental data and automates analytical data management, from laboratory electronic data submittals and regulatory agency reporting to exciting data visualization in real-time through Google maps. EIM is the only system in the marketplace that has been serving environmental data on the web continuously more than 8 years.

You owe it to your company, and yourself, to try Locus’s EIM, and we are making it simple and risk-free with this offer. Please read the “fine print” for offer conditions and exclusions.

Fine Print: For a limited time, Locus is offering free upload of historical analytical data into our EIM system, free of charge. Maximum five (5) sites per customer. The offer is valid until 31 December 2006. To qualify for this offer, you must sign a 1-year hosted service contract with Locus and provide your data to Locus in one of the following electronic formats: EQuIS, GISKey, Terrabase, Access, Oracle, SQL database, Excel spreadsheet, flat ASCI file, or similar. A separate arrangement can be made for paper-based data. Locus’s existing customers are ineligible for this offer.