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Chevron Environmental Management Company selects Locus’ web portal for environmental laboratory data management

SAN FRANCISCO, 30 September 2003 — Locus Technologies (Locus), a global leader in environmental information management, today announced that Chevron Environmental Management Company, a subsidiary of ChevronTexaco Corporation, San Ramon, California, has selected Locus’s web-based Environmental Information Management System™ (EIM™) for management of Chevron’s Environmental Laboratory Data at their environmental remediation projects. EIM™ is a module of Locus’s award-winning LocusFocus(SM) web portal for environmental information management.

As a part of an effort to consolidate analytical data and provide uniform environmental database management practices across its organization, Chevron Environmental Management Company decided to utilize a web-based system and will start using LocusFocus(SM) immediately.

Using a web-based system to organize and manage large amounts of environmental information, EIM™ provides users real-time access to crucial information that heretofore had been stored in distributed systems accessible to only a few. The development and deployment of these web-based databases requires deep content knowledge and years of experience developing applications for the environmental industry. Locus’s core team has more than 60 years of experience in this area and has worked with clients ranging from numerous Fortune 500 companies to the Department of Energy and the US military. Locus believes its dual expertise in content knowledge and computer applications has enabled it to develop the best-available tool to manage environmental information in existence today. LocusFocus(SM) is built on a robust infrastructure that leverages the latest web technologies, such as XML and Web Services, and utilizes advanced security and backup devices and tools to protect each client’s data.

“Clearly, the bet we are placing on web-based environmental software is a big one. And part of what makes it big is that it encompasses a solution to a problem that could not have been delivered to the environmental industry without the web. Environmental projects generate huge amounts of data that need to be analyzed and put to beneficial use. Complex and expensive decisions hinge on the accessibility, quality, and ease of use of this data, all of which better software tools can help to alleviate. Driving the content and technology solution at the same time requires a lot of work, but it is necessary, if one aspires to lead this industry. We are happy to have Chevron Environmental Management Company join the family of Locus clients,” said Dr. Neno Duplancic, president and CEO of Locus Technologies.

“There are many assets trapped in inefficient environmental information management, including excessive man hours to load laboratory deliverables, search for information, and produce reports. Companies are now pragmatically adopting these new technologies to improve the bottom line of their environmental projects,” added Duplancic.