Integrated document management across multiple platforms.

Upload, share, view, and attach all your relevant documents to records in Locus EIM and Locus Platform.

LocusDocs is a document library service that integrates your data in Locus’ software applications (Locus EIM or Locus Platform) with files stored either in your existing cloud storage/file sharing solutions (e.g., SharePoint) or in the Locus cloud.


Locus Docs Integrates with SharepPoint, Dropbox and Google Drive

Your choice of storage solution

Choose (on an enterprise-wide basis) whether to store files on Locus’ cloud servers or in your existing cloud file sharing systems (such as SharePoint, Dropbox, or Google Drive), and access the same documents across all Locus products.

Unlimited file uploads

Upload an unlimited number of files, including images, PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, text files, and more.

Hierarchical associations

Easily search and browse files linked to child records of a given entity (e.g., all photos and documents associated with a particular location).

Secure access

Use existing permissions models from your cloud storage solution, in conjunction with the privileges you already have set up in Locus EIM or Locus Platform.

Integrated with GIS+ maps

Access your location-associated images and documents directly from GIS+.

Custom folders and metadata fields

Create custom folders and metadata fields for entities to more easily search and sort files.

Advanced search

Search for files by name, keywords, description, or who created or last modified the file.

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