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Del Monte effectively meets sustainability goals with Locus


Del Monte Foods, one of the country’s largest manufacturer’s and marketers of processed foods, primarily canned vegetables, fruit and tomato products for the U.S. retail market, was looking for a better way to effectively meet its sustainability goals. At the time, the company was experiencing problems with data validation, and was still manually creating reports by exporting data to spreadsheets.


To simplify reporting and ensure the quality of its data, Del Monte implemented Locus’ sustainability software. Del Monte discovered that Locus’ cloud-based system was configurable, thus making it more relevant to the company’s business and providing closer access to its environmental data.

Locus helped Del Monte discover where errors existed in its historical data, which were then corrected and migrated to Locus’ Resource Management Module (RMM), part of Locus’ sustainability software solutions. Existing RMM data validation steps and notifications were configured to fit Del Monte’s timelines and processes to ensure the quality of the data. Within RMM, each user was given a dashboard that they could customize to their site’s sustainability needs, allowing them to see important data and metrics immediately upon login, and easily create standard reports. Del Monte users were also able to create graphs and tables across all sites within their business unit, and compare these to corporate trends- therefore achieving their goal of making data more transparent within the company.


Through the use of Locus’ sustainability software RMM module, Del Monte was able to create uniform sustainability reports across all of its North American sites. Thanks to the software’s reporting and graphing capabilities, Del Monte is now able to see trends in its data more quickly and reliably, which allows the company to easily compare its data from month to month. Del Monte can also monitor its resource usage, and the cost of these resources, making Locus sustainability software a great cost management tool as well. The customizable reporting capabilities combined with improved data validation ensure that Del Monte’s sustainability reports will consist of quality data, and will be completed by the required deadlines.

Not only does Locus’ cloud-based system enable us to see our progress more quickly and easily because of the reporting customization and graphics, but Locus truly understands the science behind the metrics, and acts as another set of eyes and a trusted partner to Del Monte in validating our data.

By working with Locus, we will improve our ability to analyze and forecast our reliance on critical environmental resources, which will help Del Monte meet its sustainability goals. Management of our complex set of activities requires robust software architectures that are best delivered via the Cloud. We found all of these in Locus’ platform.

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