LANL: Environmental Data Flow Improvement & Savings Overview

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The Environmental Data Flow Six Sigma improvement project covers LANL’s environmental data processing following receipt from the analytical laboratories.


The Six Sigma project identified thirty-three process improvements, broken into seven subgroups:

  1. Implementing cloud computing
  2. Restructuring the data stewards’ jobs
  3. Eliminating redundant data reviews
  4. Implementing change control on the system
  5. Incorporating google maps
  6. Implementing automatic electronic validation (auto- validation) of the analytical data
  7. Mapping the data process

Savings Summary

Overall, for the six year period from the beginning of FY10 through the end of FY15, the validated actual and interpolated savings from the seven process improvement groups of the Environmental Data Flow Process Improvement was calculated at $14.6 million.

GIS+ Mapping

See how LANL utilizes Locus GIS+ to visualize and map their environmental data on the publicly-accessible database Intellus New Mexico.

High-quality environmental data is one of the key drivers that will help us meet our cleanup goals. Moving forward, our data will help us be more sustainable and better stewards of the environment. Organizing these massive volumes of data, and making them available to the public, will help demonstrate our commitment to openness and environmental compliance.

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