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Chevron streamlines data input and reporting with Locus EIM


Chevron, one of the world’s leading integrated energy companies, had various remediation sites spread out across multiple suppliers throughout the United States, and had no way of determining where their environmental data was or what condition it was in. Chevron realized they did not truly own the data that they paid for during remediation projects. Charges were incurred each time sites were transferred between consultants, and furthermore, the quality and consistency of the data was not being managed properly. They were in need of a single repository to manage their data, unify reporting and streamline the process of generating data tables.


Chevron evaluated many software applications to help identify a solution that would increase the quality of data while consolidating it into one central repository. Locus’ EIM was chosen due to its robust capabilities for managing environmental data. Data were migrated to EIM starting in 2003, suppliers were trained, and labs were instructed to load all new data to EIM.

The Chevron Governance Team also evaluated the formatted reporting options from EIM and identified any potential modifications to the existing functionality. Locus collected specifications and implemented updates to the formatted reporting tool, and then trained suppliers on how to use it. Chevron then made it a requirement that all data tables be generated from EIM and also set up tracking mechanisms to determine how often the Formatted Reports Module was being used and by who.


Chevron now has all data in a central data repository that is available on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Data input and reporting is streamlined and data quality and consistency can be managed with ease. Chevron also realized additional unexpected benefits from reporting and cross site data mining. The benefits of using Locus’ cloud-based software continue to be realized by the team as Chevron continues to manage their environmental remediation data in EIM.